Easton’s Story

Easton Lee Green was born on April 12, 2014 at 6:45 am at 38 weeks gestation, approximately three weeks early to Jason and Brittney Green. Within a couple of days, concerns were raised when Easton developed feeding problems that began a 130-day journey that no parent wants to travel. After stays in two different children’s hospitals, Baby Easton finally came home with hospice care. He passed away on August 19, 2014, in the arms of his parents.

During Easton’s hospitalization at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Brittney met Brittany Spence who became a rock in her life. Spence and her husband David had been through similar circumstances when their son was born. In memory of their child, they founded The Forrest Spence Fund that assists parents with food vouchers, gas cards, counseling service and other needs.

Her experience with The Forrest Spence Fund inspired Brittney to team up with Holly Marlar and form Easton’s Angels, which lends aid to the Henry County families who face challenging medical circumstances with their children. Since its formation in August 2015, Easton’s Angels has been able to help over 100 families with medical bills, medical equipment, funeral expenses, headstones, travel costs, and many other medical needs. For Henry County families with babies in the NICU, Easton’s Angels sends a bag with toiletrees, snacks, quarters, preemie clothes, nicu journals, Jesus Calling, gas cards, and restaurant cards. Since, its formation, Easton’s Angels has added 15 members, and too many volunteers to count.

Easton’s Angels is able to help so many families because of the amazing support they receive from the community through private donations and fundraisers. Their main fundraiser each year is their Glow Walk. The 5th Annual Easton’s Angels Glow walk will be held this year on April 4, 2020 at the Henry County Fairgrounds.

If you cannot attend the fundraiser, tax-deductible donations to the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization are gladly accepted and appreciated by sending a check to PO Box 1371 Paris, TN 38242.

“I feel like one thing that makes our organization so special is that if there is a mother in our community taking care of a child with special needs, at least one of our members has been in a similar situation and can guide us on how to best provide support or if someone in Henry County loses a child, there is a member of our organization that has been through that also.”

– Brittney Green, Founder